Gastronomic Trip – Toronto and cities of World

Last year, in Toronto, many new establishments opened, offering you modern culinary delights for all tastes. The exception was not the small fast-food cafes with affordable prices.

Mexican cuisine, Italian, German, American – in our list of the best today were representatives of various culinary nationalities. One thing unites them – the perfect combination of price and quality!

Otto's Berlin DönerOtto’s Berlin Doner is a cozy place at the Kensington Market, specializing in German street food. The cafe is owned by four friends –Nancy Chen, Konrad Droeske, Thomas Masmejean and Matt Eckensweiler – previously known in Toronto for their vibrant parties and exciting festivals.

Naturally, the highlight of the institution is the famous Berlin Döner, which takes roots in the Turkish national cuisine. At the same time, this sandwich consists of a special kind of bread stuffed with your choice of chicken, veal, lamb meat, fried challami and other goodies.

Chef Steve Nguyen serves such döner with yoghurt and spicy sauces in combination with zucchini, sliced ​​cucumber, onions and lettuce. You can also add french fries and feta cheese to your doner for a small amount. In any case, it will be really tasty!

In addition to these sandwiches, there are other donuts on the menu, but without bread. In this case, the entire filling is served in a box, and the assortment remains the same. No cost here and without a good selection of German sausages – juicy and extremely satisfying.

In addition to tea and coffee, the list of drinks includes cheap wines, as well as German and Belgian beers for every taste.  After you eat and enjoy the local food, you can buy tickets here for hockey. Canadians love this sport.

Of course, traveling is a good thing. Going to another country or city, you probably want to get as many impressions as possible from the place you have never been before. Only here feelings are different, it all depends on the traveler. And if some of us go “overseas” in search of food for the mind, others prefer to saturate their stomach with food.

Such people are called “food tourists.” This traveler will be able to realize the culture, traditions and peculiarities of the country only “with the help” of his stomach, he only does that he tries new dishes, drinks exotic drinks and looks at the signs of grocery stores and restaurants. Memorials erected in honor of poets, writers, warriors and rulers will tell a lot to someone about the country, and the “food tourist” will be stuck in wonder at the dumpling monument.

For reference: However, as a nightingale who is not fed by fables, the “food-tourist” also wants to eat, preferably something tasty – and for this purpose he travels. Let’s determine the places where you should go if, on a journey, you, first of all, value taste in the truest sense of the word. So that the goal does not look too “mundane”, it is worthwhile to combine both the “bread” and the “spectacle”.

You should start with the fish market in Tokyo. It is the largest place for the sale of seafood, several thousand tons of fish, caviar, algae and other marine products “swim” through its shops every day.

Tastier you will be in the caves of Roquefort, located in France. Where real cheese is made, a special kind of mildew “lives”, giving the famous aroma and taste to roquefort. Combining this trip with a wine tour in the city of Epernay, also French, the “food tourist” will be fed and drunk beyond the norm. By the way, in this city, which is the main center of France producing champagne, there are famous wineries, whose cellars stretch for 18 kilometers.

Sweet lovers need to visit a chocolate boutique in Brussels. It is here that ten pastry chefs make sweets by hand – soft, tender, chocolate. And “for a snack” “food” should try the white truffle in Italy. The collection of this fungus begins in the forests of Tuscany in the fall and ends in December. This delicacy can be tasted here in its pure form or as part of another product, for example, in salami.

For lovers of the exotic, there is a direct road to Beijing, to the night market of Dunhamen. Here are traditional for the Chinese, but exotic for other peoples dishes amaze both imagination and taste. These are “centennial chicken eggs” that have lain in sand or clay for several months, candied locusts, scorpions on a stick, and centipedes cooked on fire … The market opens at nightfall, and the reason is clear: not every tourist, even if he thrice “food”, dare in the light of day to eat locusts. Better in the dark, imagining cotton candy on a stick and “not noticing” a strange crunch in the mouth …

Tip: traveling to all these wonderful, tasty and  places, do not forget that they are recovering from overeating. For example, the most “harmful” for the waist country, visiting which you can very quickly gain extra pounds, is the United States. Each “food tourist” and ordinary traveler, in addition to impressions and souvenirs, brings home from America an average of 4 kilograms of excess weight. Because there are many fast foods and the food here is high in calories.

And for weight loss it is worth going to Turkey: active nightlife, sun, water and healthy procedures affect tourists only positively. So, dear lovers of food, your choice is ample. Have a tasty trip!

Street Food in Toronto

About world trends: street food as fashion

Street food is a global trend, both in America and in Europe. In Asia, this is generally not an alternative to the usual kitchen, like ours, but simply a way of serving food. There, almost all street food.

In Europe, it is hard to call a headliner in this area. Most likely, this is Berlin with its famous Markthalle 9 street-food market. Every Thursday there are festivals where cuisines from all over the world are represented. Particularly replete with a variety of Asian: Vietnamese spring rolls, Turkish Gezlime, Thai noodles. And on Sundays, there is the Breakfast Market, where you can buy not only a delicious breakfast, but also products for its preparation.

London is not inferior to the variety of street food. Food festivals there are regular and very popular among residents. I visited one of these – Street Feast. I was pleasantly surprised when I realized that in terms of organization, we are in no way inferior to European colleagues. From the food it is worth noting the Chinese and Greek cuisine, as well as the legendary fish & chips.

Toronto is just entering the pan-European trend. We still do not have clearly expressed specificity, we are in search, but the market is actively developing. Toronto is the pioneer of this movement. We have already opened a lot of decent points with street food. The society is ready for this format, and its popularity is ensured, but economic problems and the slowness of legislative initiatives hamper the process.

About success

A sign of the success of such projects is always the reaction of the audience. They write us thanks and criticism, express admiration, make comments. But all this testifies to the main thing – the public is not indifferent.

For myself, I believe that the project became successful when we reached a certain level of quality that now distinguishes all of our events. Our guests appreciate us for that.

For me, success is when, after the festival, the point enters the street food market on an ongoing basis, when you just gave a hint about the upcoming event, and people are ready to go for it. When people make a trip to the festival in their holiday plan for a month. When in line for a meal you meet a mother with a baby, a company of hipsters and an elderly couple. And when people come to your festival from other cities.