Street Food in Toronto

About world trends: street food as fashion

Street food is a global trend, both in America and in Europe. In Asia, this is generally not an alternative to the usual kitchen, like ours, but simply a way of serving food. There, almost all street food.

In Europe, it is hard to call a headliner in this area. Most likely, this is Berlin with its famous Markthalle 9 street-food market. Every Thursday there are festivals where cuisines from all over the world are represented. Particularly replete with a variety of Asian: Vietnamese spring rolls, Turkish Gezlime, Thai noodles. And on Sundays, there is the Breakfast Market, where you can buy not only a delicious breakfast, but also products for its preparation.

London is not inferior to the variety of street food. Food festivals there are regular and very popular among residents. I visited one of these – Street Feast. I was pleasantly surprised when I realized that in terms of organization, we are in no way inferior to European colleagues. From the food it is worth noting the Chinese and Greek cuisine, as well as the legendary fish & chips.

Toronto is just entering the pan-European trend. We still do not have clearly expressed specificity, we are in search, but the market is actively developing. Toronto is the pioneer of this movement. We have already opened a lot of decent points with street food. The society is ready for this format, and its popularity is ensured, but economic problems and the slowness of legislative initiatives hamper the process.

About success

A sign of the success of such projects is always the reaction of the audience. They write us thanks and criticism, express admiration, make comments. But all this testifies to the main thing – the public is not indifferent.

For myself, I believe that the project became successful when we reached a certain level of quality that now distinguishes all of our events. Our guests appreciate us for that.

For me, success is when, after the festival, the point enters the street food market on an ongoing basis, when you just gave a hint about the upcoming event, and people are ready to go for it. When people make a trip to the festival in their holiday plan for a month. When in line for a meal you meet a mother with a baby, a company of hipsters and an elderly couple. And when people come to your festival from other cities.

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